Norma Vonfricken

I have read, any true nature lover loves every stone and every stick. That’s me. I have a special love of nature, as those priceless landscapes are disappearing I can’t paint them fast enough. Oils are my chosen medium and I especially enjoy Alla Prima, an Italian word meaning to paint quickly and straight from the tube. This method is used mostly Au Plein Air, when time is crucial as air movement and sunlight change quickly altering the subject. The freedom in painting quickly combined with the ambiance of passing birds, rushing water is trilling to me. In a broad sense, even the painter is in the picture. All of this becomes part of the final piece of work and like any work of art, is a story.


Heather James

My paintings reduce a subject down to color alone and then I assemble the colors with attention to transition & ratio. Color is nostalgic to me and universally intelligible. One of the greatest phenomenon’swe experience moment to moment is color. Having poor eyesight  helps me to disregard a subjects finer detail and allows me to see wholly its infinite color.




Gerald LaGrange

Jerry and his wife Donna retired from Chelmsford to Old Lyme, CT at the beginning of 2019.  Old Lyme is home to one of the earliest art colonies in America and art thrives here today.  All the exhibits here are juried so you have to step up your game to have your art seen.  I have gotten in once on three tries.

My art journey began in 2016 when Bobbi, then CAS President, asked me to join the board and manage CAS finances.  I said OK.  She added, “You know you have to produce some art if you’re in the society” she said with a wink. OK.  I put myself to the task and took up watercolor, challenging medium even for the experienced let alone a beginner.  I then tried acrylics, enjoyed them, but the paint just dried too fast in between sessions.  After moving here and eager to get immersed in painting again, I took a beginning oil class at the Lyme Art Association and said this is what I need.  A few of my recent pieces are shown here.   You can see others @gnlagrange on Instagram.

We are closer to the grandkids now, enjoying the rigors of retirement, and still marveling at all of the many Old Lyme beautiful vistas from which to paint or take a pic for those who prefer to paint on the indoor easel.  All beautiful in each season.

  • Former CAS Board Member, Finance.
  • Member Florence Griswold Museum
  • Member Lyme Art Association

My favorite quote by Stephen McCranie which I apply to painting, ”The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.”  Just do it.

Thanks to my art teachers along the way who pushed me to see: Trina Teele, Jacqueline Jones.  Thank you.


Janet Clingerman-Hsiao

The beauty of New England is the inspiration for Janet’s artwork – floral paintings, ocean scenes and small bird portraits. At present, she is focusing on painting flowers in large and small formats: “I focus on the lovely flowing edges, the delicate color and the inner beauty of the flower – bringing the flower to life.” Frequently, people have shared with her that her floral paintings give them a sense of peace.

Janet received a BA in Art and went on to work in illustration studios. Her artwork can be found in local galleries, and has been juried into numerous shows in Manhattan, also in online international shows.

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Ku-chuan Hsiao

Ku-chuan Hsiao is an avid bird photographer.  He has developed methods for photographing birds in-flight so that the lovely fluid detail in the design of the wings can be seen. Some close-up shots even capture the different expressions of the birds’ “faces”, appearing as if each bird has its own personality. Since his home abuts a wildlife refuge in the forests of New England, a large variety of birds fly through according to the season, and occasionally other small animals appear. He hopes that his photos bring you a sense of fun and joy as we admire God’s creation.


Julie Montague

I have fallen in love with painting landscapes, first in watercolors, then with oils, and most recently with acrylics. I tend to work mostly from memory and my imagination, creating works that capture a moment in time and space, the way the light makes the landscape come alive, the incredible feeling one experiences when attuned to the natural world. For me the act of painting is the portal to all that is magical and beautiful in this world.

I have recently become an associate artist at the Brush Gallery where I enjoy meeting other artists, sharing our journeys, and getting feedback from them and others who come to the Brush. If you would like to visit me at the Brush, feel free to send an email to or just stop in to see some of my work.


Peter Kostoulakos

Born in Lowell, Massachusetts, Peter Kostoulakos is a conservator, consultant, teacher, painter, and appraiser specializing in 19th and early 20th century American painters of the classical and traditional styles. He is a fine art consultant to small museums, historical societies, art societies, galleries, private collectors, and corporations. Kostoulakos held a teaching position with Greater Lawrence Technical School from 1978 to 2008 as a Graphic Communications Technology Teacher. In this capacity, he taught marketing, advertising, art appreciation, art history, etc.

He was raised in Lowell and went through the Lowell school system. From a very young age he wanted to be an artist. After graduating from Lowell High School in 1967, he enrolled in the Art Institute of Boston and received a diploma in Advertising Design (1967-1970). He then went on to Northeastern University in Boston and received a BS in Fine Art / Art History and was the recipient of the Fine Arts Honors Program Award at graduation (1973-1977). Through Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont, he received an MA in Fine Art / Art History with a thesis titled “A Comprehensive Study of Current Conservation and Restoration Techniques with Relation to American Painting before 1911” (1977-1978). In 1994, he was awarded an Honorary Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Art Institute of Boston and, in 2014, he was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Lesley University.
In 1976, in addition to continuing his own painting career, he began restoring paintings and, to date has cleaned and restored over 4000 paintings. He successfully completed the study of appraisal practices with the International Society of Appraisers (2000) and is now a member of the New England Conservation Association, New England Appraisers Association, American Alliance of Museums, and the New England Museum Association.
He has written articles including “How to Examine an Antique Painting” for the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies – 2011, “Preserving Paintings: Before and After, A Question of Responsibility,” and “What To Look For When Buying Antique Paintings: A Behind the Scenes Look at Paintings.” Other articles include “The History of Art Education, A Comparative Study,” and “Ancestral Facelifting, An Introduction to the Conservator’s Art,” co-authored with Judith C. Campbell for Northlight Magazine

Peter Kostoulakos, NEAA Certified
15 Sayles Street • Lowell, MA 01851-1625 • 978-453-8888

Fine Art ~ Consultation
Appraisals & Condition Reports for
Insurance • Investment • Conservation


Laurel Haug

I have been a member of CAS for several years off and on.  I also was a member of Art League of Lowell for a couple of years.  I have been drawing and interested in art since I was in grammar school.  Took some classes at Adult Education places and Recreation Departments.  I have done oil, acrylics, watercolor and pencil and ink.  I love to go to local art galleries and Western Avenue.  Having displayed art at places in Chelmsford, CAS and Parish Center for the arts,  art is my real passion.




Ivan Orlinsky

I am a Water Color Artist who has painted in water colors for the last 5 years. I have also pointed in oils and enjoy drawing. I am available for commissions of your pet, house or other topics. – Studio 317 at Western Avenue Studios

  • Chelmsford Art Society (Past President)
  • Newton Water Color Society
  • New England Water Color Society
  • Concord Art Association
  • Teacher at Lexington HS Continuing Education – 4 years

Diane Harvey

I’m an “art work” in progress, still experimenting with different styles and mediums, my favorites are oil, watercolor and colored pencils.

A painting has meaning to me when it can tell story or draw from a special moment in time, however , to appeal to all else, a painting has to present different ways, color, composition , style. They’re both exciting and interesting.