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Noredin Morgan

I've been a resident of Billerica, Massachusetts for the past 22 years. My artistic craft was honed and developed while living in New York City and abroad in Europe. Although I worked for 25 years as a director of research at WR. Grace and ITW as a research chemist, my true passion has always been art, as my friends will readily agree.

Most of my paintings are figurative portraits made in a spontaneous, expressionist manner. I use mixed media on canvas, wood, paper and other surfaces. Some of my figures might suggest a relationship, story or other significant moment in time. My paintings are used as a vehicle to share my personal view of the world.

"I learned art from art." This education has given me a freedom of expression as well as a rich archive of techniques and styles upon which to build my art. My references come from many sources - Matisse, Chagal, Klee, Picasso, African masks, Islamic architects, and Egyptian artifacts. "The canvas leads me more than I lead it." For the past few years, I've been experimenting with digital print images. This new art genre is in its infancy. Typically, I begin with an
original drawing or painting. Once the picture has been scanned or photographed with a digital camera and the image is in the computer, I set about creating something new. The computer images are manipulated and color enhanced backgrounds are changed or added, and the resulting digital painting is a new work of art unique to the 21st century as surely as impressionism was unique to the 19th century. In the manipulation of the images I "discover more depth and reality." I enjoy blending elements of the ancient and avant-garde to create images that resonate both with tradition and innovation.

In addition to working from my own sketches and easel paintings, I frequently create art directly on the computer, layering lines, manipulating shapes and varying colors, in ways that only technology allows.

My only remaining connection to chemistry is the use of different chemicals as paint medium. These chemical additives add fluidity to the pigments but do not interact with the canvas, allowing me to add layer upon layer without destroying
the subsurface. My training and knowledge of chemistry and my years of scientific experimenting to find the right solution, have also positively influenced my approach to art.

Read more about Noredin Morgan and his exhibit in the May 19, 2006 Carlisle Mosquito.

Noredin Morgan

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 "Fyuom Portraits"

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"Yellow Table"



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