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[listing below from May 2014]

First Name Last Name Medium Website
Janis Ackerman watercolor
Amy Aker acrylic, watercolor, oils
John Amato oil/pastel
Joan Andrusaitis
Pauline Arms oil
Jacky Arndt
Mary Arnold oil
Colleen Arrington photography, realistic
Deborah  Arsenault multi-media
Maureen Baker
Susana Bamford oil
Hana Barker
Ann Marie Barnes
Adriana Batts
Hilda Otjengerdes Bennett Watercolor/Ink
Donna Berger acrylic, pencil, mixed media
Eva Bethune Oils, Abstract, Imparessionist
Mary J. Blazon oil
Rene Bodmer oil, pastels 
Thomas Briere
Jerry Brogna acrylic
Yuko Broskie oil and acrylic
Mary Ellen Brown pastel
Pat Burns oil, photography
Eileen  Byrne Photography
Nita Leger Casey
Paula Charles oils
Stevin Chateauneuf oil, acrylic, pencil
Carmen Tom Christiano watercolor, acrylic 
Katherine E. Clericuzio colored pencil, contemporary, realistic
Mary Coffey
Shirley Conradt Water color
Marguerite M. Coyle oil, acrylic 
Roland Crosby
Kerry O. Crowell
Theresa Cryan acrylics, oils realistic
Ann Cullerton oils, photography,sculpture,pastels
Susanna Delgado glass art
Diane Delgado ceramics/bronze clay
Margaret DesLauriers pastels, watercolor
Susan Diette watercolor/oil
Esther Donlon watercolor
Suzanne Drury watercolor, pastels, colored pencil, goache
Mary Ann Ducharme oil
Joan R. Dunlop
Leonard Durant oil, charcoal
Elaine Carbonneau Dutton acrylic, watercolor
Michael  Dwyer photography
Carol S. Engel crafts, chair caning
Brenda Eunson
Jeanne Fallier oil, pastel, fiber, wc
Jean Feehan watercolors, oil
Beverly Fell watercolor
Deborah Ferus watercolor
Kathie Fitzpatrick oil, watercolor 
Gail Flannery Watercolor, Acrylics, Oils (Realistic)
Lee and Lucille Fortier photography
Gary  Frascarelli oil, acrylic
Andrea Frase Watercolor WWW.
Pamela Frushour collage, acrylics, watercolors
Claire Gagnon acrylic
Sandra Galloway watercolor, acrylic
Carol Gallozzi oil
Dorothy Gaumont oil, realistic
Tom Gill acrylic
L. James Glinos sculpture
Heidi Goddard oil, pastels, photography
Mathieu Guay
Susan Lyall Haley watercolor
Frank T. Hanahan oil, sculpture, mixed media
Donald / Kit Harbison photography / printmaking
Carolyn Ricker Harlow pastel
Diane Harvey
Laurie Haug oil and watercolor
Jennifer Heater mixed media, collage
Donna Hediger watercolor
Judy Heron oil, photography
Eileen  Hinorani oil/acrylic
Kathleen Howe watercolor
Janet Hsiao acrylic
Arlene Huard watercolor
Nancy Humphrey Watercolor
Heidi  Jackson
David A.  Johnson watercolor, impressionist
Don Johnson Watercolor, Realistic
Marguerite Jungbluth oil
Barbara Karner Pencil, Pastel
Bob Kilroy watercolor,contemporary, realistic
Stephen Kinney Family painting, sculpture
Michael/Mindy Koechlin
Rose Marie Koester oil, watercolor, pen and ink
Carol Korsak Oil
Peter Kostoulakos Oils
Peter Koutrouba Acrylic, pastel
Dr. Andrew Kusmin watercolor
Michelle Kyte
Jean & Normand Labrecque ,,
R. Joan  LaBrecque acrylic, watercolor
Joe  Lapiana water mixable oil realism-impressionism
Priti Lathia All Media
Betty A. Leary oil
Helene Levasseur oil / acrylic
Priscilla Levesque watercolor and casein
Susan Lippman oil
Brenda Macdonald realistic, impressionistic, oils, acrylics, glass, drawing
Dorothy E. Mackey
Geoffrey H. Mahfuz
Elaine Major watercolor, abstract, contemporary
W. Marty Marshall acrylic
Margrit Mason
Judith  Maybury pastels, charcoals, watercolors
Carolyn Ricker McCloy
Janet McDonald pencil drawing
Judith A. McLarney oils
Cassandra Merry oil
Don Miffitt photography
***Laurie Miller oil
Miner Family c/o Emily Miner
Paula Mingolelli Watercolor/Oil/Traditional
Jocelyn G. Moelleur photography. Impressionist, realistic
Charles Mooradian mixed media, watercolor
Helen S. Moriarty Acrylic, MM, Photo, Pen & Ink, comp Graph
Sean R. Morrissey acrylic
Dorothy & Jim Murray All Media
Gopika Narula
Evelyn Newman Oils, pastels, contemporary, impressionist
Tracy  Newman acrylic, pastels, photo, comp graphics
Elsa Noy oil
Beth O'Brien mixed media
Ivan and Gillian Orlinsky Oil
Don Ouellette oil, watercolor
Kevin Papenfuss photography, realistic, representational
Leo F. Patenaude acrylic, photography
Joan Plummer
Joyce Prescott photography, mixed media
Nan and Peter Quintin Acrylics, Watercolor, Mixed media
Denise Rainis acrylics, oils, watercolr, photography, mixed media, pastels, impressionistic, representational
Francis J. Raymond acrylics, oils, watercolor, realistic
Lisa Regopoulos pastel, plein air
Sally Ridley Pastel, Mixed color
Debra Bretton Robinson Acrylic, collage
Harriet Rocheleau acrylic, pastel, watercolor, mixed media, pencil
Ginny Sargent
Jerry Serra
Tom Sierak NOTE:  at this address from Nov-Apr
Almerinda Silva oil
Laurie Simko oil
Yashika Singh Acrylics, Watercolor, Mixed media
Brenda E. Slattery oil
Lisa Sousa  watercolor, Mixed Media
Georgia N. Spanos watercolor
Elizabeth St. Germain
Marie Stabile
Michael Stanwyck photography 
Bob Stegmaier Photography, contemporary, realistic, impressionist
Jennifer Rocco Stone painting - expressionistic abstract
Kathleen Sullivan oil
Kathleen Sullivan Oil
Karen Tarr oils, pastels, representational
Trina Teele acrylic, gouache, oil, pastel, watercolor
Rita Thompson w/c, oil, colored pencil, acrylic
Karen Tobin oil
Nelly Tonchev oil/acrylic
Susan Trepaney watercolor
Ivana Valentich collage 
Norma Vonfricken Oil
Gwenneth & Bronwen Wallens Gwenneth - portraits & Bronwen - impressionism
Robert E. Webb colored pencil, contemporary
Randall Whitehead oil / acrylic
Dana Whitney oil, pastel
Lance Wilder illustration
Roberta  Witts c/o Picture Yourself print making - abstract
Johanna Wray oil/acrylic



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