Peter Kostoulakos

Born in Lowell, Massachusetts, Peter Kostoulakos is a conservator, consultant, teacher, painter, and appraiser specializing in 19th and early 20th century American painters of the classical and traditional styles. He is a fine art consultant to small museums, historical societies, art societies, galleries, private collectors, and corporations. Kostoulakos held a teaching position with Greater Lawrence Technical School from 1978 to 2008 as a Graphic Communications Technology Teacher. In this capacity, he taught marketing, advertising, art appreciation, art history, etc.

He was raised in Lowell and went through the Lowell school system. From a very young age he wanted to be an artist. After graduating from Lowell High School in 1967, he enrolled in the Art Institute of Boston and received a diploma in Advertising Design (1967-1970). He then went on to Northeastern University in Boston and received a BS in Fine Art / Art History and was the recipient of the Fine Arts Honors Program Award at graduation (1973-1977). Through Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont, he received an MA in Fine Art / Art History with a thesis titled “A Comprehensive Study of Current Conservation and Restoration Techniques with Relation to American Painting before 1911” (1977-1978). In 1994, he was awarded an Honorary Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Art Institute of Boston and, in 2014, he was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Lesley University.
In 1976, in addition to continuing his own painting career, he began restoring paintings and, to date has cleaned and restored over 4000 paintings. He successfully completed the study of appraisal practices with the International Society of Appraisers (2000) and is now a member of the New England Conservation Association, New England Appraisers Association, American Alliance of Museums, and the New England Museum Association.
He has written articles including “How to Examine an Antique Painting” for the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies – 2011, “Preserving Paintings: Before and After, A Question of Responsibility,” and “What To Look For When Buying Antique Paintings: A Behind the Scenes Look at Paintings.” Other articles include “The History of Art Education, A Comparative Study,” and “Ancestral Facelifting, An Introduction to the Conservator’s Art,” co-authored with Judith C. Campbell for Northlight Magazine

Peter Kostoulakos, NEAA Certified
15 Sayles Street • Lowell, MA 01851-1625 • 978-453-8888

Fine Art ~ Consultation
Appraisals & Condition Reports for
Insurance • Investment • Conservation


Laurel Haug

I have been a member of CAS for several years off and on.  I also was a member of Art League of Lowell for a couple of years.  I have been drawing and interested in art since I was in grammar school.  Took some classes at Adult Education places and Recreation Departments.  I have done oil, acrylics, watercolor and pencil and ink.  I love to go to local art galleries and Western Avenue.  Having displayed art at places in Chelmsford, CAS and Parish Center for the arts,  art is my real passion.




Ivan Orlinsky

I am a Water Color Artist who has painted in water colors for the last 5 years. I have also pointed in oils and enjoy drawing. I am available for commissions of your pet, house or other topics. – Studio 317 at Western Avenue Studios

  • Chelmsford Art Society (Past President)
  • Newton Water Color Society
  • New England Water Color Society
  • Concord Art Association
  • Teacher at Lexington HS Continuing Education – 4 years

Diane Harvey

I’m an “art work” in progress, still experimenting with different styles and mediums, my favorites are oil, watercolor and colored pencils.

A painting has meaning to me when it can tell story or draw from a special moment in time, however , to appeal to all else, a painting has to present different ways, color, composition , style. They’re both exciting and interesting.


Volunteer Opportunities

The future of the Chelmsford Art Society depends entirely on the continued enthusiasm and involvement of its members. With your support, we will be assured of our continuing success.

We are grateful to all our talented and dedicated volunteers who help us with demonstrations, exhibitions, and general day-to-day operations.

We are always looking for additional volunteers! Some opportunities for volunteering include the following:


  • Art intake
  • Set-up
  • Hanging
  • Decorating
  • Creating Labels
  • Assisting judges
  • Hosting – baking, set up, clean up for exhibition receptions
  • Creating the List of Awards & Donors
  • Sales at July 4th Festival
  • Check-out of artwork
  • Tear-down

At our Meetings/ Demos/ Lectures

  • Assisting the demonstrator
  • Set up, clean up
  • Checking membership, taking payment from nonmembers
  • Raffle ticket sales, collecting items for raffles
  • Hospitality


To volunteer, fill out this form and email it to


Linda Hamilton Crossland

Linda Hamilton Crossland is a self-taught artist who resumed painting two years ago after a long absence. Linda mainly works with acrylic paint. She also works in fluid art, watercolor art, alcohol ink art and capturing nature with photography.

She shares her passion with others on social media.


Tom Christiano

Tom Christiano is a New England artist specializing in expressionistic pastel paintings and serene watercolor landscapes.

Tom has been studying art for almost his entire life. His images are peaceful and uncluttered. They primarily reflect scenes depicting the natural world and colorful animals…. and they often are imagined images with creative colors and compositions.

He is also the Creator and Managing Editor of the 1,000 +  Member “CHELMSFORD ARTS” group on Facebook, And the Creator and Contributing Member of the 15,700 + Member “CHELMSFORD NEWS” group on Facebook.  Tom Christiano is also the Producer and Director of the Chelmsford News Cable TV Show, which is available to everyone via his “Tom Christiano”  YouTube Channel.

Mr. Christiano studied art at the DeCordova Museum School in Lincoln, MA, and at many other schools and colleges as well, including at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA and at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT.

C. Thomas  Christiano earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree from Sacred Heart University, and a Master’s Degree (MBA) from  the University of New Haven (UNH).

Website at: 

Dave Drinon

Dave paints in the tradition of the Boston School of landscape painters.

Dave is a lifelong New Englander with roots in Maine and having lived in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  Although Dave came from an artistic family, he pursued a career as a financial advisor.  Nonetheless he continued to sketch and paint.  In 2008 Dave made the decision to transition from a successful career as a financial advisor to a career as a full-time painter.

Dave studied studio painting at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester NH.

Dave studied with Stapleton Kearns and David Curtis in workshops and with Thomas R Dunlay in workshops and privately at the Thomas R Dunlay teaching Studios.

  • Selected as Artist-In-Residence at the Whistler House Museum of Art in 2015, 2016
  • Juried artist member of the North Shore Arts Association in Gloucester MA 2016
  • Accepted into the Copley Society of Art in Boston MA 2017
  • Juried into the Rockport Art Association 2019
  • Selected artist for the 2020 and 2021 Cape Ann Plein Air Festival
  • Exhibited: Massachusetts State House, Boston MA; Bristol Art Museum, Bristol Rhode Island; Whistler House Museum of Art, Lowell MA; Andover Historical Society, Andover MA; Guild of Boston Painters, Boston MA; Copley art Society, Boston MA; Brush Gallery, Lowell; Millbrook Gallery, Concord NH and the North Shore Arts in Gloucester MA among others.
  • Passion: Painting outdoors in all the different times of the year and seasons around New England
  • Dave’s works are owned by individual collectors as well as institutions, such as the City of Lowell (Lowell City Hall); Enterprise Bank in Lowell MA; Boston Partners Financial Group in Andover MA, Lowell Community Health Center, Lahey Clinic, MKtix Company and Toast Vodka in Fort Lauderdale FL among others
  • Dave maintains a north light studio at the Western Ave Studios in Lowell MA #512

Nan Quintin

Nan is an award winning artist who grew up in Groton, Massachusetts. She received a B.A. in Fine Art with a minor in Art History at Framingham State University. She received a Certificate in Pre-press and Computer Graphics at Clark University.

Having grown up on a small farm in New England, many of Nan’s paintings reflect this area’s rural landscape. She has lived in Pepperell, Massachusetts for over 30 years, just three miles from her childhood home, where she often goes to paint “en plein air”.

Nan is a board member of the Chelmsford Art Society. She has studied watercolor painting with Tony Couch, Nancy Russo, and Carlton Plummer; and oil painting with Christopher Volpe.

In addition, Nan designed and painted the “Historic Pepperell” mural in the Lawrence Library in Pepperell, MA; and has served as an art judge for several local exhibits.

Artist Statement
“Many of my paintings reflect the relationships between people and the things that surround them. In order to capture these relationships and perceptions, I paint buildings, vehicles and other items, as well as activities, typically without depicting the people themselves.

I am fascinated with the Japanese concept of wabi­-sabi, briefly described as “transient, incomplete, imperfect beauty”. I find belongings left behind – items once loved and now abandoned, and falling away in varying degrees of gracefulness as they return to earth – to be poetic and expressive.

Vacant houses arouse my curiosity. Pondering the secrets of an old house, such as the events leading up to the abandonment, the identities and personalities of the occupants, the dreams, the builder, and the history of the property, is like solving a mystery. An abandoned house is not empty; its life-force remains. Typically, while I paint, I make up stories about my subject, imagining the answers.

Although many of my paintings are scenes of nature that capture the beauty of New England, the area in which I have always lived, many of my paintings contain man-made items as well. Not only are we humans part of nature, but we can and do live harmoniously with our environment and are part of its presence.

In addition to the influences of the natural world, I am captivated by dichotomies such as interior and exterior, light and dark, reality and dreams, and past and present.

Windows and doors frequently appear as symbolic devices, they pique the imagination of the viewer as they let some people or things in while keeping others out.

I often try to portray the idea that what is not seen may be more important than what is seen. The viewer’s imagination is needed to complete the picture.”

Nan Quintin  14 Groton Street, Pepperell MA 01463



Helen Moriarty Stepping Down as Programs/Publicity Coordinator

After many years, Helen Moriarty has decided to step down from her current position on the CAS Board of Directors as Programs/ Publicity Coordinator. Helen is a long-time member and Past President of the Chelmsford Art Society, and has been instrumental in its formation and continued excellence.

For many years, Helen brought professional artist demonstrators to our monthly meetings to provide our members and guests with valuable information on a variety of painting and other artwork techniques.

Helen introduced the community to numerous artists and their various talents, from acrylics to oils, from inks to pastels. Other program subjects included art lectures, art restoration, and framing and presenting artwork. Via Helen’s filming of our demonstrations, she introduced the broader community to art as local television stations aired the CAS programs.

An artist herself, Helen’s wisdom and creative output were a large part of our July 4th events as she organized its many aspects, and always happy to contribute wherever needed – from decorating for the event to selling tickets for our fundraising raffles.

In recognition of her many contributions to the CAS, Helen was twice winner of the Founder’s Award (1995-1996 and 2013-2014). We are grateful for her many years of service to the Chelmsford Art Society and we wish her well! Thank you Helen!