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Elizabeth Sheehan


Elizabeth Sheehan is Lowell, MA based Artist. She is a graduate from Eastern Nazarene College with a BA in English, as well being a Mass College of Art with a BFA in Painting. She had taught art  in After School programs and was a Preschool Teacher for many years.

These days she paints mostly abstracts, with acrylic which allows her create textures easily and to create bold colors. She has experimented with acrylic with gold leaf and different colors of mica, i.e. black, gold and pearl mica. She has also worked with acrylic with beads, burlap and slate. She calls this use of mixed media Unusual Collages. She says “My work is about making the viewer experience a sense of moodiness, movement, connection and intense emotion or a sense of peace’’ She uses  chiaroscuro for showing contrast and to play with with ones mood and composition of the painting.. She uses these to create a Horizon line and to create a circular pattern and a sense of movement, especially with her “Prometheus paintings” (used with crackle).

She has been painting for over thirty years. In the past she was influenced by Fauvism because of their use of intense color, then the Abstract Movement, which still influences her work. When went to Barcelona, Spain, She saw all of Antoni Gaudi’s buildings. She liked his work because he used natural shapes and patterns. She started to use slate in her work, similar to the of mosaic that was used in Antoni Gaudi’s buildings. She made this use to express her own vision and to connect with viewer through the use of, color, texture, chiaroscuro and movement.

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