Rennie Keller


Rennie Keller is a multimedia artist and designer who specializes in painting, and also enjoys exploring a variety of media including digital art, sculpture, drawing, mixed media, murals, and poetry. She graduated from University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth in 2020 with a BFA and has since been immersing herself in creative works.

A Chelmsford High School alumna, Keller painted a mural in the school at the entrance of the library, and throughout her years as a Chelmsford student received many awards for her student-level works.

While at UMass Dartmouth, Keller’s attention turned to the political landscape. As an activist, she participated in many events, including the Boston Women’s March in 2017, where she left her protest-sign painting of a weeping Lady Liberty among the hundreds of signs left on the fence on the Boston Common. The whereabouts of the painting are still unknown, but Rennie Keller sees the mystery as an exciting motivator to continue making art in her community and beyond.