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2023 Scholarship Winner
Flow Caron


Jaelyn “Flow” Caron is the 2023 winner of the Shirley Lavoie Memorial Art Society. Flow was a student at Lowell High School and she will be studying art at Massachusetts College of Art and Design for the Fall 2023 semester.

During Flow’s time at Lowell High School she joined an after school art club to draw and make friends. This year her school started the National Art Honor Society and she volunteered over 60 hours of her time for this club during the school year. She also took an early college course in Graphic Design to better prepare herself of art school.

Her dream is to one day be able to run her own animated show with her own characters. Art has always had such an amazing impact of her life and she has found it can tell stories without words. The Chelmsford Art Society wishes her the best in the pursuit of her art dream.