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Barbara Ludinsky

I have always enjoyed making things, but it is only since I have retired from a high tech career and raised a second family that I started taking art classes. Now I am pursuing my life long interests in art. This love of art has lead me to experiment with different styles and mediums, whether mixed media, vibrant watercolors, acrylics, or encaustic paints.

Many of my artwork pieces depict areas that I have visited and for which I have tried to create visual statements about the world around me.  While visiting Bryce Canyon, I marveled at the space and lines that nature created, and tried to show that in my  “Hoodoos” painting. You can see how that watercolor paintings became an intersection of a landscape and an abstract design of Bryce Canyon “Hoodoos”.

I am a member of the Brush Gallery, the Art League of Lowell, and the Whistler House. I am also a member of the Chelmsford Art Society and have served on the CAS Board for the past couple of years.