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David Kelly

I’m an artist who specializes in painting using acrylic mediums. Back in my high school years during the 80’s, I watched “The Joy of Painting” on PBS, and Bob Ross served as an inspiration to pursue my passion. Learning his techniques, but also developing my own in the process, I’ve made many of my works that are mostly landscapes but have included some fantasy elements in them.  My classmates voted me Most Artistic in our Senior Superlatives yearbook.  After I graduated high school in 1989, I served four years in the US Navy.

2014 was the year that I came out of my 20 year hiatus from painting, and have been painting nonstop since. Using acrylics as my primary medium, and also self-taught from books and other sources, I have developed skills and techniques to create other types of work other than landscapes, such as portraits, still life, etc. I also have been asked from many of my friends and family to create paintings for them for many uses such as book illustrations, murals outside a place of business, or just simply home decorating.
I joined the Chelmsford Art Society to express my artwork and meet with other fellow artists who share the same passion, and learn a thing or two from them.

To contact David go to:
Facebook: David Kelly Acrylic Art