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Gillian Orlinsky

Painting continues to provide constancy in my life. I have been involved with visual mark-making since childhood working in 3D and 2D formats. A diagnosis of cancer in 2007 led me to re-prioritize my life which included spending more time painting both for pleasure and as a healing tool.

The reoccurring theme of my paintings is imagery from nature. I do not start out with a fixed idea of how the painting should look when it’s done. Once I have a general idea, I let the painting emerge by connecting with what it is telling me as it unfolds. This process not only results in a surprise ending, but also enables me to notice my own unexpected reactions to the painting as its being developed.
After many decades of working “a corporate job” I retired in 2019 to paint full-time in my studio (#317) at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell.

Contact information:

Studio: Western Avenue Studios
Gillian Orlinsky
122 Western Avenue, Studio #317
Lowell, MA 01851