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Kathy Cryan-Hicks

When I retired from working at the Chelmsford Library in 2016, I signed up to take a pottery class at Ancient Echoes Pottery Studio with Sharon Levy. I fell in love with pottery; it was like being a kid again playing in the sand. I spent a couple of years throwing clay around with several other potters. A few times while struggling to apply glaze to my pots and vases, I had the notion it might be helpful to learn some painting skills.

One day in 2018, a visit to the Senior Center sent me on a wonderful detour. I walked into a room where Denise Rainis was mentoring a roomful of artists. The next thing I knew, I was holding a palette and paintbrush and discovering a whole new side of myself. I’ve been having a blast learning how to paint, and I love being around a community of like-minded artists. Although the Coronavirus lock-downs ended our weekly paint sessions at the Senior Center I am continuing my art education via “YouTube” and learning from hundreds of artists across the world.
When I’m not painting, I‘m writing and working with the Chelmsford Climate Action Team, a local climate group. Please visit my website at