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Mary Anne Pellegrini

Starting with my childhood crayons in Chelmsford, I’ve always loved color and creating art.  Now an acrylic artist with a love of all creatures (except spiders), I primarily create large realistic detailed images of the endangered cats of the jungle.
My art captures the beauty, grace and strength of these creatures and promotes the awareness that they, like so many other resources of our fragile world, are at serious risk of not being here for the next generation.  A portion of all sales is donated to National Geographic Big Cats Initiative.

With my Studio East in Chelmsford and Studio West in the Berkshires, I’m never without paint on my brush (and usually on my clothes).    Self-taught; my gratitude goes to the almost unlimited resources in books and online videos, as well as encouragement of family and gentle critique from professional artists.  Thanks for sharing my art journey.

Facebook : Find me at @JungleCatArtist