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Peter Kostoulakos

"Spring Thaw"
"Spring Thaw"

Born in Lowell, Massachusetts, Peter Kostoulakos is a conservator, consultant, teacher, painter, and appraiser specializing in 19th and early 20th century American painters of the classical and traditional styles. He is a fine art consultant to small museums, historical societies, art societies, galleries, private collectors, and corporations. Kostoulakos held a teaching position with Greater Lawrence Technical School from 1978 to 2008 as a Graphic Communications Technology Teacher. In this capacity, he taught marketing, advertising, art appreciation, art history, etc.

He was raised in Lowell and went through the Lowell school system. From a very young age he wanted to be an artist. After graduating from Lowell High School in 1967, he enrolled in the Art Institute of Boston and received a diploma in Advertising Design (1967-1970). He then went on to Northeastern University in Boston and received a BS in Fine Art / Art History and was the recipient of the Fine Arts Honors Program Award at graduation (1973-1977). Through Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont, he received an MA in Fine Art / Art History with a thesis titled “A Comprehensive Study of Current Conservation and Restoration Techniques with Relation to American Painting before 1911” (1977-1978). In 1994, he was awarded an Honorary Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Art Institute of Boston and, in 2014, he was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Lesley University.
In 1976, in addition to continuing his own painting career, he began restoring paintings and, to date has cleaned and restored over 4000 paintings. He successfully completed the study of appraisal practices with the International Society of Appraisers (2000) and is now a member of the New England Conservation Association, New England Appraisers Association, American Alliance of Museums, and the New England Museum Association.
He has written articles including “How to Examine an Antique Painting” for the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies – 2011, “Preserving Paintings: Before and After, A Question of Responsibility,” and “What To Look For When Buying Antique Paintings: A Behind the Scenes Look at Paintings.” Other articles include “The History of Art Education, A Comparative Study,” and “Ancestral Facelifting, An Introduction to the Conservator’s Art,” co-authored with Judith C. Campbell for Northlight Magazine

Peter Kostoulakos, NEAA Certified
15 Sayles Street • Lowell, MA 01851-1625 • 978-453-8888

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