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Rennie Keller

“Two things captivate me as a painter: portraiture and water. Interestingly, I have found through my practice of painting with acrylics that the two are alike, and that when I paint one as I would the other, each becomes more beautiful. I focus on the movement of dappled light refracting through infinite layers of water, and the similar abstracted, layered motion in human bodies. My surreal works explore the bodily movement of dance, and tactile relationship we have with the life-sustaining, mesmerizing element of water.

I am a resident of Chelmsford and an alumna of Chelmsford High School class of 2016. Growing up in Chelmsford, I cultivated my skills and love for art, going on to get a BFA from UMass Dartmouth and a certificate in Graphic Design from RISD. Since then, I have been working full-time as a graphic designer while continuing my painting practice in my studio at Western Avenue in Lowell. To see more of my work, please visit