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Nancy Lesofsky Demonstration Nov 9th


 Nancy Lesofsky at the CCA café at 7 PM on Nov 9th, 2022
Nancy took Classical painting lessons began at 9 years of age. Her teacher Madame Thellen of Lowell Massachusetts. Studied age nine until age twelve.   She has had art shows at the Whistler House Museum in Lowell Massachusetts, through a juried selection. The museum is internationally recognized She has owned an art gallery on M Street in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington DC.
Recently awarded a medal in the very prestigious Art – Sciences – Lettres in Paris France.

In addition to her career as an artist, Nancy has been an award-winning International Interior Designer for 54 years and was selected to the prestigious Boston Junior League designers. She was also recently honored with a bronze medal from the International French Order of Arts-Sciences-Lattres in Paris, France. In October of 1992, she appeared for an interview on Channel 7News with journalist Sara Edwards as one of the top female entrepreneurs in the country.

Visit Nancy at her Western Avenue Studio #213 in Lowell MA
or contact her at the following: