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Patricia Nolan-Brown
October 12, 2022


The Chelmsford Art Society is inviting Art Lovers and Artists to see Patricia Nolan-Brown’s demonstration. This meeting is open to the public, so come to the CCA on October 12, 2022  at 7 PM.

Patricia Nolan-Brown aka “Troods”
Patricia has been an artist since childhood with a need to create things. She studied painting and design at Framingham State University where she received a B.A. in art. She paint daily in her studio #493 at Western Avenue Studios & Lofts in Lowell, MA. Her paintings are collected internationally and one was chosen to be part of the permanent collection & museum 2021 at Chateau Orqueveux, France.
She has used her creative brain daily to launch many inventions build businesses, publish a book about the creative process, called Idea to Invention— and raise her 3 daughters. She is inspired to interpret and paint things she loves such as travel, nature, and  all things quirky. She work (mostly) with oils in an expressive impasto style.

See more of her work at the following:

Visit her at Western Ave Studios And Loft  – Studio # 493

Here is the link to the Live Stream video: